Welcome to Luna & Tuna! I have been photographing children and their families for five years. I am mommy to a curious and energetic toddler and wife to a wonderful man. I work as a preschool teacher and photographer and find that being around children this often keeps me young! 

So... who are Luna and Tuna??

They're frogs! My preschool students wanted to add more pets to our class so our fish Mr. Tiddles wouldn't be so lonely. So we bought two tree frogs. After much thought, two of my students came up with the names Luna and Tuna, and to this day Luna and Tuna bring much happiness and excitement to all the kids who get to enjoy their company. 

I decided to name my photography company after our cute little tree frogs because it reminds me of my students and their carefree and innocent spirits. Children are my favorite people to be around because they are honest and kind, they live in the moment and are quick to love others and even quicker to forgive them. 


Connie Sithi