Sweet Sisters - Piedmont, CA

I have been taking photos of these beautiful sisters since the youngest was still crawling. I can't believe they're already two little ladies who are sharing secrets and giggles like only sisters would understand. Having two sisters of my own I understand how special this relationship is. There were times when I couldn't stand having my little sister follow me around and copy everything I did, and then like a flip of a switch I would want her by my side at all times and she'd be my best friend.  I was also that same little sister who copied my big sister, who would be so annoyed all our childhood, yet, grow up to call me daily to see how I'm doing.  

O and J are clearly bonded by this same special relationship, although they are probably much sweeter to each other than my sisters and I were. I'm so excited for them because one thing I know for sure, having a sister is the best gift I've ever received. Thanks, Mom! ;-)