Adorable brothers and their gramps - Oakland

Oy, I cannot get enough of these two! First off, these boys were also students of mine and if I could teach them until they went off to college I would. I absolutely love them and their family. This session was special because their grandpa had been visiting and their mom thought it would be special for them to take photos with just him. We chose a very colorful location in Oakland to match their personalities and energy - it was perfect. 

One very cute story: I went to Cal and have a lot of Cal pride. The mom of these boys also went to Cal and has a ton of pride, and one day her older son came into class and told me he had something to share with me. He sang the entire "Big C" song verbatim, and ended with a big "Go Bears!" He was only four at the time, and I was 30 and still didn't know all the lyrics! Super cute. Super impressive. And. GO BEARS!

These smiles... be still my heart.