Adorable brothers and their gramps - Oakland

Oy, I cannot get enough of these two! First off, these boys were also students of mine and if I could teach them until they went off to college I would. I absolutely love them and their family. This session was special because their grandpa had been visiting and their mom thought it would be special for them to take photos with just him. We chose a very colorful location in Oakland to match their personalities and energy - it was perfect. 

One very cute story: I went to Cal and have a lot of Cal pride. The mom of these boys also went to Cal and has a ton of pride, and one day her older son came into class and told me he had something to share with me. He sang the entire "Big C" song verbatim, and ended with a big "Go Bears!" He was only four at the time, and I was 30 and still didn't know all the lyrics! Super cute. Super impressive. And. GO BEARS!

These smiles... be still my heart.

A morning with the Andrews

I can't believe it's taken me a whole year to blog this family. Can I just start off with how much I LOVE them?! I had the honor of being both the older girls' teacher, and they hold a special place in my heart. We originally wanted to capture some newborn photos of baby sister, but when I got there I realized baby sister was no longer a newborn! She was eager to catch up with her big sisters and very much alert and trying to put her head up. So I went with the flow and captured what it's like in their house every morning. Most people I know find the idea of three children a little daunting, but after spending time with this beautiful family it was hard not to want a bigger family myself. The infusion of laughter and crying, running and pitter patters of little feet, screaming and hushing are sounds of life - those are the sounds that are creating memories for a lifetime that hopefully you can look back on one day and say "We did good." 

Little sis is clearly not "happy" here.

Golden Gate Park Family

I used to work with Stacey years ago before I became a teacher and photographer. We would talk about our random high school connections we had no idea about until we met in San Francisco and how our cross country days actually carried into our adult running passion as we both ran for our company team for this crazy 200-mile relay that spanned from Napa down to Monterey. I'm not sure what I was thinking when she talked me into it, but she has a way of convincing people they can handle such pain. 

And then we both went on to have families, and luckily for me, she asked me to capture her beautiful family in one of the prettiest cities I know - San Francisco. These folks are lucky to call it their home. Her son reminds me so much of my own with his love for his dump truck and boundless energy and curiosity - oh, and of course his love for his Thomas the Train boots. I was smitten with their baby daughter! Despite how cold it was she managed to be chill (get it??)  the whole session and even gave me some smiles. The best! 

Oh, hi there, cutie!

Boys and their dump trucks - nothing makes them happier. 

Oakland family fun

I love when my clients call me back. What I love even more are when my clients are my former students! This family holds a special place in my heart because their son was one of my first students as a Montessori teacher, and I was able to see him through until he moved on to Kindergarten. It was a super hot, and I mean your eyeballs were sweating, kind of day. I was so tempted to tell them let's meet in an air conditioned building and just sit there, but we all managed to power through it and actually had a good time! It's hard not to capture this family happy - the kids love each other and have such a fun relationship with their parents. Well, you'll see. 

How cute is their daughter's pose?! Totally unprompted. 

Fall Mini Sessions!

I'm a big fan of spending quality time with my families while I take their photos, but sometimes, who's got time for that?! So this year I'm finally setting up a couple mini sessions to accommodate my busy families and their energetic little ones who'd rather be playing than taking photos.

The sessions are 20 minutes long and will include an online gallery of 20 images. From there, you can select five that will be fully edited and yours to download and keep. Mini session fee $200 at two locations: 10/3 at Tilden Park in Berkeley and 10/24 at a TBD location in the Peninsula. 

Hope to see you soon!